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241 years of its country’s “Independence Day”

Every 4th of July Americans celebrate the 242nd anniversary of the United States’ independence. This date is so commemorative that it is declared a holiday and a non-working day. In 1776, a group of 13 British colonies in North America declared their independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain, laying down the seed of what is now the United States of America.

It is worth mentioning that the Continental Congress voted for the independence of the British monarchy two days before, on July 2, 1776. One of the founding fathers and the second US president, John Adams, wrote to his wife on that day: “the second day of July 1775 will be the most memorable in the history of America. I am inclined to think that it will be celebrated by generations of vendors as a great anniversary festival. ”

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After having decided its emancipation from the British monarchy, the congress drafted the declaration of independence, which was approved on July 4; hence the document is dated with “July 4, 1776.” It was not until a hundred years later, leaving time to bury the disputes between federalists and republicans over the text of the declaration, which in 1870 Congress declared this day as a national date.


In the capital, Washington DC, the White House holds celebrations in the south garden, where political figures give commemorative speeches. In addition to traditional fireworks, music is also the star of the party in the capital, with a concert composed of American artists. This year, the Beach Boys, the famous rock band of the 60s will animate the party with the Blues Brothers.

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US President Donald Trump sent a Twitter on Tuesday, “Independence Day of America” of the United States, with a video of a choir of a church singing a melody based on his campaign slogan.

“Return greatness to the United States / Raise the torch of freedom throughout the territory / Walk towards the future united hand in hand / and return greatness to the United States,” sings the choir of the First Baptist Church, a Dallas mega church, in Texas. “Returning Greatness to the United States” (Make America Great Again) was the motto of Trump’s presidential campaign.