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App Development Key Concepts of Android

Android is an open supply mobile platform launched via Google in 2008 and ever-since it have become the favorite for humans and developers around the world. Android is Linux based totally multiprocess and multithreaded OS. Google’s Android OS is not restricted to phones however you could use it to build a DVR, a handheld GPS, an MP3 participant etc.

Key Concepts of Android Development 

although Android platform is an open source and customizable, Android users and developers have become ordinary to the constructs evolved by means of Google for Android devices. using these Android standards is essential for growing an software quickly.

Key principles of Android are:-
Apps and APK files
views and ViewGroups
format XML documents

i am supplying you with an overview of the Android key concepts. After having a fundamental know-how of Android’s key principles you may move deeper into the various different topics.

Apps and APK files

An Android app is an Android software. An app is packaged in an APK record i.e. Android software bundle. The APK file carries the compiled Java code and other sources like photographs and texts for the Android software


An Android activity is a GUI issue. you could understand it as a window in a computer application. As mobile smartphone displays are small, an pastime takes up the whole display screen. in case you open more than one sports then they may be stacked on top of every different. You can not set up sports aspect by using side like you could do with computer home windows.

activities are precise, centered moves which a person can take. As it’s miles difficult to scroll, zoom in or click links on a small display screen hence it is encouraged that an app display best one hobby in line with display screen. this could present the maximum relevant information to the user and allows them to release a new screen for added facts or click on the lower back button to view the previous activity. The screen can divulge more than one obligations however it ought to assist the user complete simply one activity at a time.



In Android, a fragment is a fragment of a total person interface. a fragment most effective takes up part of the display screen. Fragments are used within the activities. Fragments also can be used within special sports. Fragments contain perspectives and ViewGroups inside them.

View and ViewGroups

Android GUI elements come into three classes i.e. sports, perspectives and ViewGroups. activities are the home windows/screens. views are the man or woman GUI elements, like a TextView which displays a textual content, a Button that customers can click on on and so forth. ViewGroups are packing containers for views. A ViewGroup actually businesses a set of perspectives together. views and ViewGroups may be nested inner an pastime or interior even a fragment which is nested interior an activity.

format XML files

activities, fragments and ViewGroups can use XML files to outline their layout and contents. The format XML files inform which GUI additives an interest or fragment includes and additionally the styling of the GUI components i.e. the scale, margins, padding etc.


if your app calls for performing a feature past its core skills like opening a picture, playing a video or searching up a contact then you definately have to discover whether or not a device which could carry out that function already exists within the OS or in a 3rd-birthday party app. If sure then you could get the gain of that functionality using intents.

For e.g. if your app accesses person contacts then you can use rationale gadgets to release the device’s existing Contacts utility. This eliminates the programming duplication and additionally accelerate the person’s interplay with the device because the consumer will not need to study once more a way to add a contact to your app.


Android Widgets are really GUI components which may be displayed out of doors of an interest. For e.g. A weather widget which indicates trendy climate is proven on many Android domestic monitors. Widgets had been packaged and implemented as a part of an Android utility. additionally on occasion views in Android are also referred to as widgets. For e.g. Many GUI additives are positioned in a Java bundle known as android.widget. GUI additives aren’t same as a widget that could remain on the home display screen of an Android device. hence you must understand the difference between GUI additives which may be used inside ViewGroups, Fragments and additives which can be used internal ViewGroups, Fragments and sports and also inner Widgets and Widgets that may stay on the home display screen of the Android device.


In Android, services are background manner which may be finished on an Android device even though no utility is seen. services do now not require a user interface. For e.g. A carrier can check a faraway server for updates or backup statistics each hour.


Android devices have many inbuilt sensors which you may get admission to from your Android applications. For e.g the in-built GPS in smartphones is a sensor. therefore you can get get right of entry to to the GPS from inner your Android applications.

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insta collpase

Survival in Digital Collapse

In such a lot of methods technology has made life a lot less difficult. nowadays you may shop from the comfort of your own mattress in our PJ’s using the internet. you could play games or find new data at the internet. you could work at home the usage of the net. you can even discover new loves or meet new pals from the alternative facet of the globe if you desired to – all the usage of the internet.

Survival in Digital Collapse

insta collpase
insta collpase

Social media – facebook, Twitter, latest Instagram trend , Tumblr – all of them have their uses in this day and age. They allow you to to maintain in touch with individuals who live all around the world. you may talk along with your first-class friend sitting right there next to you or you can chat with a person who lives thousand and thousands of miles faraway from you. you may ensure that family and buddies are stored up to date with the whole lot it’s occurring on your lifestyles without even needed to talk to them face to face. For what it’s well worth, social media could be the great invention ever in the global. well, perhaps not the exceptional but without a doubt up there with one of the greats! I do not assume you may quite examine facebook to the invention of the wheel…

the only time social media and our new virtual age may not assist you is whilst you’re going thru a breakup. the ones steady reminders of your misplaced love can also had been pleasant to carry you through your day even as you have been still dating but you are not relationship now. you’re not collectively. you’ve got broken up for anything cause and people consistent updates; that constant virtual conversation you have with your ex, it might not be suitable for you. It might not carry a grin in your face. as a substitute, it’s going to just deliver unhappiness and probably a variety of tears.

As a whole lot as you men could have ‘cherished to stay in contact’ and wish to stay pals, liking each different’s quirky statuses and photographs, the possibilities of that occurring are pretty a good deal narrow to none. until you broke up amicably which, let’s face it, rarely happens, there may be an amazing risk any sight of your ex, or even the mere mention of him (or her) will have you walking again on your mattress once more to spend every other week below your quilt, ingesting your own body weight in Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and crying the most dramatic, arduous tears you’ve got ever cried. You can not certainly explain the hurt you sense whilst you breakup with a person you felt was as soon as the love of your lifestyles. And even as you’re dating them, aren’t all of them? it’s no longer normally till a lot later, after the breakup, which you recognize all of the motives you were not true for every different. it’s now not the sort of aspect you’ll examine within a couple of weeks and surely no longer all the time you are facebook-buddies!

as soon as upon a time it become only the younger who had to fear about the ‘virtual’ breakup in addition to the ‘actual’ one – the real, head to head one. the ones twelve year-olds with their MySpace accounts, regularly swapping BFF’s and BF’s like they are going out of fashion; it all seemed so petty all the ones years in the past did not it? Now we are all going through it – little youngsters and large kids alike. With social media taking over more of our lives, nobody actually takes into consideration that social media breakup do they?

As you’re crying into your quilt facing yet some other lengthy iciness of Singledom, you do not think about blocking him out of your social networking bills or hiding his posts so they are not rammed down your throat every morning whilst you awaken. as an alternative you act like the courting-masochist that so a lot of us, men and women alike, protecting onto the last shred of intel we will seize about our lost loves – checking their fb web page every five minutes to see if he is going out with that woman you by no means appreciated, or if she’s hanging out with that man who gave you the ones dodgy appears inside the bar closing weekend. You knew there has been some thing about him you didn’t like…

Social media – that new digital, social age we live in, all it’s going to do during your breakup is remind you of all the things you believe you studied you leave out about your ex. That smile, the hair, the manner she or he used to make you sense. it truly is all those posts are going to make you sense – sad, green with envy of whoever is draped over his or her arm this week, and anxiously wishing your ex might text you again and say those words you’ve been dreaming of for see you later – “i have made a horrible mistake and i might definitely like us to get lower back collectively!”

despite the fact that he or she were to mention the ones phrases to you, how lengthy do you think you’d last? if you broke up as soon as, how long will it’s before those annoyances and grievances begin to trojan horse you again? You is probably able to swallow his messiness for a few weeks earlier than you sooner or later lose your pinnacle however ultimately, you’ll lose your top again. those matters that bugged you lower back then, they will still malicious program you presently and in the future too! An ex is continually an ex for a motive and that is the hassle with social media…

It makes you doubt all of the motives you broke up in the first place.

Ten years in the past while you broke up with someone, that was it. you would want to call each other at the house telephone if you want to talk and in case you were not at domestic, that chat in no way occurred. these days you’ve got a mobile smartphone so you’re constantly contactable. although she or he would not have your number anymore, otherwise you deleted theirs, there’s nonetheless fb or Twitter. He or she can nevertheless like your Instagram photos, sending you right into a frenzy questioning why they preferred it? Is he saying hey? Is he seeking to get returned in contact once more? have to you ship him a message? call him? e-mail him?

nowadays you do not even want to get off the bed to experience the sorrow of locating out the affection of your life has moved onto a person new. From right beneath your duvet, earlier than you’ve even had your morning cup of plenty-wished java, with just the assist of your cellphone, you have all of the statistics you may in all likelihood need. And you understand you will move looking for it too! don’t all of us check facebook every morning like it’s the information now? don’t all of us hop over to Instagram to see who is been posting what over breakfast? Or test out Twitter to look what has were given humans speakme? Or is that just me… ?

there is a ethical to this tale of course. there’s a factor i am seeking to make right here. when you breakup with a person, the first-rate route of action is to right now delete all lines of them out of your digital life. facebook un-friend. Twitter block. Instagram delete. undergo your emails – delete all facts of them. in case you don’t, you are not handiest inviting them to touch you again, to extend the length of your painful breakup even greater, however you’re walking the danger of leaving your self open to hazard.

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Latest Caption Trends of 2018

The conventional concept of having added to new merchandise or manufacturers after traveling the opening or store has already modified. as an alternative those products or manufacturers in recent times attain the customer through smartphone, social networking websites, apps and so forth. among the different trends is the 69 Instagram Captions Lyrics From Songs For Picture & Selfie 2018 right here are some of the brand new traits or tendencies which can hit the virtual advertising scene this year.

Latest Caption Trends of 2018

it’s miles envisioned that video marketing techniques will update the conventional content marketing techniques in the close to destiny. The advantages of stay video streaming has commenced to make its effect on the long term prospects of video advertising. The brands are engaging in research on the way to appeal to customers via stay streaming techniques. The stay streaming technique opens up the opportunity of enticing with the clients on a extra convincing way. With the increase of smartphones and elevated net connectivity live streaming techniques have penetrated in to a completely large audience. The apps like Periscope have already began to create the magic!! The app permits the person to create videos by means of stay streaming and share it on Twitter. on this way, the patron gets an interactive platform to present the essential feedbacks at the product. live streaming can be used successfully for events like product launch, logo merchandising and many others.

facebook and Twitter prospects

insta lyrics
insta lyrics

till now, the big chunk of the internet associated seek revolved around the seek-engine giant Google. matters have commenced to exchange. brands will now not ought to rely or rely on Google on my own a good way to create business. inside the very close to destiny, facebook may additionally provide you with a search engine alternative within the Social media community. The fb messenger app will play a essential position within the enterprise. The patron want not log in to the e-commerce web site for buying a commodity but shall be capable of do the transactions directly through the app. this is a clean benefit of the truth that the clients get alternatives aside from Google.

potentialities of Snapchat

Snapchat is gaining acceptance especially among the teenagers and consequently its prospects inside the future can not be ignored. it’s miles predicted that there are round a hundred million lively Snapchat users within the world in line with 2015 statistics. And the figures are still counting at a fast tempo. Organizing marketing campaigns with the help of pix and video clip works first rate via Snapchat. The advertising advertisements posted via Snapchat have particular cut-off dates and that they own a date of expiry too.

CRM in Social Networks, for hotels.

Whether we think of social networks as a new CRM platform itself or if we see it as one more aspect to integrate into existing systems Check Prices of Zoho CRM here, the truth is that social media provides a large amount of data about customers.

Data that should be collected, organized and analyzed to maintain a more personalized contact with customers. The client is in the social networks and, therefore, the hotel should be as well.

Social networks have become  n inexhaustible source of information for our clients or potential clients. There they express their complaints, contact the hotel or tell their experiences. In addition, they do so completely voluntarily, so that obtaining this information does not have an invasive character for them as if a satisfaction survey requested by the hotel can be obtained. The client becomes the center of the organization and that client leaves their data and shows their preferences in social media.

Therefore, the arrival of Social CRM is based mainly on the fact that Social Networks and everything related to Web 2.0 represents another source of information that gives us the knowledge necessary to reach our customers.

Some of the activities that a Social CRM application can manage are: development of new products or services, generate brand knowledge, support the collection of information and its evaluation, assistance in the sales and after sales process and capture and dissemination of data and content generated by users

The question is:  are the hotels ready to move their CRM to social networks?  For Javier Sosa, manager of Canarias eTourism,

“It is not necessarily a matter of moving your CRM to social networks, it is the social networks themselves that become a source of information for the CRM system of a given property.” That said, if a hotel has neither CRM nor is it In social networks, the first thing you should do is implement a CRM system that can be as basic or complex as you want because the important thing is not the technological tools themselves, which obviously facilitate the achievement of objectives in an important way, but the philosophy that exists behind the concept of Customer Relations Management (CRM) from the point of view of their satisfaction as from the purely economic point of view.Once there is a CRM system in place then we will be able to integrate the information from the Social Networks as a source of information “.

Far from focusing on the purely transactional aspect, the tourist establishments that intend to enter this field must show themselves with total transparency understanding the fact that through the conversation with their clients it is possible to build a better and more lasting relationship with their clients, and, therefore, endowed with more value for both parties. If it is committed to this, there must be a collaboration between the different departments involved -marketing, sales and customer service- to develop a series of new capabilities that allow them to successfully manage Social CRM.

There are many different tools that make Feeling Analysis, identification of the most commented aspects -in a positive or negative sense-, etc.

Evolution of CRM

The fundamental difference that has marked the change in recent years within the CRM approach has been precisely the social component.

“We are dealing with a customer who expresses himself, who speaks and interacts with the brand, who is involved and goes far beyond a simple” like. “We are dealing with the evolution of a traditional customer to a social customer”.

This, far from being a problem for hotels, should be seen as a great opportunity, « hotels are at the perfect time to listen in real time to all these conversations of their customers.  Your tastes, your preferences … and from there take action. It is the most effective way to offer a personalized experience to your customers on social networks: listening.

In terms of the mechanisms available to hoteliers to manage or convert into a strategy all the information, they receive from their clients through social networks.

“access to the volume of information about our client is huge, so much so that an automatic data collection is necessary.” The data, photos, tastes, etc., of our client will help us to know how to interact with him through of a quality segmentation The warm tone of the message and that is bidirectional do the rest in this strategy of social communication “.

The KLM example

While hotels have been especially quick to generate content that users pour into social networks, airlines have been ahead in what concerns the management of the information obtained in them. Social media, as part of the CRM of the future, was precisely one of the topics of debate at Travel Technology Europe held in London.

Representatives of Salesforce and KLM explained to the attendees how to integrate social media into their organization and take full advantage of it to extract information from our customers and improve customer service.

Martyn Hoogakker, Salesforce, said that the tourism brands are experiencing an authentic revolution caused by their interaction with customers and all the information that comes through social networks:

“We will soon see how the companies themselves select their audience and how to build loyalty through social networks will not be the work of a specific department, but of the entire company.”

Hoogakker defined five elements of the social hotel:

  • Hear
  • Loyalty
  • launch social advertising campaigns
  • Integrate it throughout the organization
  • Measure the results

In addition, it established five parameters of the appropriate professional profile to carry out this task:

  • Vision and Strategy
  • Analytics
  • Creative design
  • Operational management
  • Application design and content development.

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