Developing Your Home Inspection Business – Getting Personal

As a home inspector , how do you differentiate yourself from your competition? Will be you more thorough, do you have an improved statement, are your prices lower? What things are you doing to stay a step ahead of your competitors? If you’re not thinking about this, then you are not making the most of your business or your income.

We usually think of these differentiators as being our 2 on the sides business card, our many thanks cards to the real estate agents, our e-zine, or some other thing that helps us stand above the crowd. There is one big differentiator that you can use that sounds elementary, but has been confirmed by casual research.

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Getting personal. You already know instinctively that there are small things having nothing at all to do with this specialized competence that can provide someone else a good or bad impression of who we are. Perceptions are reality; first impressions are lasting; thoughts always conquer logic. In talking to fellow inspectors, they will speak about wearing new outfits, or name tags, buying a new truck or getting certified in infrared technology. But there are several basic things that take priority over everything else, of course, if we avoid pay attention to them, we will not even get to the starting gate.

Last year I actually conducted an informal study of real estate real estate agents, sellers, and buyers all having contact with home inspectors. I talked to instructors at the Kaplan ITA inspector school, and with a variety of inspectors at one of the countrywide conferences. I compiled the best pet peeves that providers and clients had of their experience with home inspectors. visit here if you want to be Top rated Home inspection Tampa .

The top three dog or cat peeves are personal! They will have not do with technical competence. Here they are:

1. Inspector trails dirt and mud to the house after inspecting the exterior

2. Inspector smells like tobacco smoke, has bad breath of air, or has body scent

3. Inspector will not look the female consumer in the eye when talking to the clients

Wow! Are you joking? We’re nowhere near nice uniforms or new vans yet. If this is your competition, you have it made. We can fix this! And imagine what – this is your competition, because these complaints got repeated over and over in various forms within my questioning.

Right now that you’ve stopped having a laugh, realize that the good news this is that these things can easily be corrected. If you’re not paying close attention to your personal hygiene, you should be. I know that like a pot or third inspection each day you’re probably not exactly sweet smelling, but if it’s a problem, that third client doesn’t proper care if you took a shower in the early morning and started out clean or not. Worst travelling bag in summer, bring a change of clothes along. If you’re not using booties into the house and not taking note of keeping track of dirt in other ways, start now. Lastly, realize that almost all of the decision making your clients do is done by the feminine.

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They tend to plan and organize everything around the purchasing of the home, and they can determine what you are saying as well as the man can. It’s probably a built in mechanism to help the other man not think you are hitting on his girlfriend/wife, but you still need to look her in the eye and conform her equal attention when you are doing the walkthrough or describing the items in the record.

If you’re already doing these things, and Now i’m sure you are, then pat yourself on the back and feel excellent knowing that you are WAY ahead of your competition!