Fast Internet Helps to Play Fast Online Games

If the download of games on the mobile blinds must pass through an Internet connection, access to 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi is not always justified to take advantage of the titles you have just installed.

These games have, for the most part, adopted the Freemium system. They offer an integrated shopping system that allows you to move faster in the game or remove ads. But all are playable without paying a euro. thinking of users with uneven network coverage, a low data rate or lack of Wi-Fi, KBH has selected the best free games available offline on Android, iPhone, and iPad.

Sonic the Hedgehog
Long left in the hot seat, SEGA intends to win back its audience with big buckets of nostalgia. The stratagem is called SEGA Forever and mobile on the great classics of the publisher originally released on Mega Drive. In this unearthing of treasures, it is with an excitement difficult to contain that we find Sonic the Hedgehog , the first title of a long cult series.

Dust-free but not distorted, Sonic the Hedgehog knows how to adapt its clearly retro properties to contemporary technologies. The 8-bit graphics flourish in the early 1990s, but benefit from a clear cut, allowing to easily overcome the risk obsolete. The game runs in 60 frames per second forever more fluid animations and increasingly responsive controls.

Sonic the Hedgehog includes the seven original levels of the game, starting with the mythical Green Hill Zone. We discover the possibility of unlocking new characters playable with Tails and Knuckles, and so take advantage of their special skills to complete the game in an unprecedented way. Backup slots allow you to play up to four games in parallel and recover its progress intact later, giving Sonic the Hedgehog a more family-friendly profile than ever before.


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