The high stools are one of the pieces that we see more and more in the kitchens of the home and is that, regardless of the size of our house, they are a very practical complement and that brings a touch of the most sophisticated to our kitchen.
Useful both in mini kitchens and in large kitchens

If we have a small kitchen it is clear that a good solution can be to place a narrow bar and high stools, to be able to have breakfast or to eat in it, but in the big kitchens they are also welcome; in kitchens with island we can take advantage of placing them on one of the sides and thus create a meeting space, since the kitchen is one of the rooms of the house where we spend the most time, so we can define different areas, a table with chairs for the dining area and the island with the stools to create a more informal and fun space.

In terms of design, options are endless, we can choose the cheap Kitchen Bar Stools that best fit the style of our home, whether Nordic, with industrial touches, more classic or industrial-inspired. We can play with the combinations and contrasts of color and format, choosing different finishes and obtaining a mix of stools of the most fun and original.

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What should we take into account when choosing our stools?

We have to measure the bar of our kitchen, for a regular bar of 90 cm, the height of the stool will be around 65 cm.
The comfort of the seat. Keep in mind that we are choosing practical seats, which we will use every day for breakfast, lunch, dinner … It is necessary that the stools are comfortable, this is not at odds with the design, but we cannot fall into the error of taking a piece that seems more exhibition than home, the kitchen is the most living room in the house and we should look for functionality in all its accessories.

In this sense, we can even complement our stools with covers or cushions in different finishes and patterns. Another point in terms of comfort is the choice of a model with backrest, honestly, if our kitchen is rather small and these are going to be the only available seats, our recommendation is to opt for designs with a backrest that provides us with the greatest possible comfort.

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Another important fact is the material that our stool will be made of, it has to be easy to clean, we will cook and it is likely that grease and food stains will fall, even more so if we live with children.
If our house is small or we live in a studio where the kitchen shares the same space as the living room and even the bedroom, then we should think about the integration, choosing stools with a more neutral style, this means that they are in tune with both the design of the kitchen as with the furniture of the other areas.

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