Simon Kissel, CEO & Founder Viprinet GmbH

Others call him an inventor, organizer, entrepreneur – or simply “exhausting”. Simon Kissel describes himself primarily as a nerd. Kissel is a confirmed logic freak who loves critical thinking, problem analysis and problem-solving. It is easier for him to break down problems and tasks into their logical contexts and to see through them than to find his way through the jumble of social and emotional mines that humanity and its rules of communication represent for him. During the daytime, Simon owns and runs a couple of companies. Kissel Ventures is his holding company to his ventures. His main investment is Nerdherrschaft, an R&D company that develops Software and Hardware. Other investments include the real estate project Innovationspark, and the router manufacturer Fantastic. Kissel is well-known in the international community of computer Nerds. Simon Kissel also often is seen at the conference as a speaker, typically covering controversial topics. Amongst other events, he has spoken at InfoComWorld in Greece.

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