What exactly is Micropenis?

When a man has a penis with a stretched penile size of below 2. 5 standard deviations (SD) than the average for his age, we declare this individual has a micropenis. Intended for example, newborns have an average penile length of 3. 5cm. Thus, natural male newborns with a penile smaller than 2 to 2. 5 cm (2. 5 SDs below average) are diagnosed with micropenis. Typically, the condition is recognized shortly after labor and birth.

The condition must not be baffled with buried penis that gives the illusion of a tiny penis due to it being “hidden” in body fat of the syphilis pubis (the hairy triangle).


Although many males and men worry about the length of their penis and come to a doctor for analysis, most of them actually have a normal penis as the condition influences only one particular in 200 males that are born.

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Problems associated your micropenis

Having a micro-penis can cause several problems to the patient, including:

Difficulty to go to the bathroom

Sexual intercourse is often impossible

A major mental impact. Many men with the condition have very low self-esteem and major depression. They often avoid associations with the other love-making in fear of being ridiculed you are facing a fear and you want to know about micropenis in detail visit here to read about it http://www.mediologiest.com/micropenis/ .

Precisely what is the triggers micropenis?

Besides idiopathic micropenis, the cause of which does not know, there are two hormonal disorders that can cause the condition:

Hypogonadotropic hypogonadism where there is an insufficiency in the secretion of the hormone (GnRH) from the hypothalamus

Hypergonadotropic hypogonadism where the testes are unsuccessful to produce testosterone


The doctor must do a thorough clinical examination to measure effectively the duration of your penis. This individual will also determine the morphology and exclude any potential birth defects such as congenital bending of your penis that might give the impression of small size.

If the analysis for micropenis is positive, special blood checks will be prepared to diagnose any other probable hormonal disorders.


To the 1980s, it was common practice to remove the penis in young boys and raising them as girls. Parents of damaged children were recommended to raise them as girls. The main idea behind this practice was that patients with a micropenis are never able to have a rewarding sexual life. Thus, a woman gender assignment accompanied by feminizing hormones during growing up was recommended.

Following the nineties, these procedures became progressively rejected by the professional circles. Johns Hopkins Clinic, is probably the centre were almost all of these reassignments happened.

Hormone therapy

Treatment with androgens – testosterone remedy during early childhood- is currently the preferred course of action for the treating micropenis.

In one examine, 12 patients were processed with human chronic gonadotropin, testosterone or cortisone. Years later they were evaluated as adults. All patients claimed to be heterosexual, had erections and climaxes. Seven of those were married and had normal vaginal sex intercourse. One a new child.

In an another study of eight patients, intramuscular testosterone injections in four weekly intervals from 0 to 14 years of age achieved satisfactory penile lengths, erections and a male gender id. The adult patients achieved a mean penile period of 10. 3 cm. 6 of the eight men were sexually active, and everything determined as males and showed the appropriate psychological behavior. The authors of both studies conclude that there are no specialized medical, psychological or physiological symptoms for gender reassignment of afflicted boys.

Generally speaking and regardless of the cause of micropenis, a simple 3-month course of sexual energy is prescribed. This typically induces a tiny amount of penile growth. In most cases, this growth carries on during puberty. Additional sexual energy is avoided as it may cause unwanted virilization and bone maturation. Sexual energy treatment is resumed later in adolescence in kids with hypogonadism.

Since pennies growth is completed by the end of growing up, testosterone remedy in post-pubertal adults produces no male member growth.

A recent research (Sun-Ouck Kim et al) yielded some very guaranteeing findings for the junk take care of adults with the condition with Human Choronic Gonadotropin injections.


As hormone treatment often will not achieve the expected results, several surgical techniques (similar to phalloplasty for female to male transgenders) for penis enlargement have been devised and performed. Unfortunately, these techniques aren’t yet widely adopted.